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Don’t get rid of that appliance because it stopped working.  Call Trinity Heating Cooling & Appliance.  We can repair your stove, refrigerator, washer or dryer.  We offer professional quality and affordable appliance repair saving you time and money.  We repair all major brands and we do it in a timely manner.

Now when it comes to your dryer, a clean dryer vents not only improve efficiency of your dryer but it will lower your energy bill.  The most beneficial reason to clean your dryer vent is to make your home safe from the possibility of fire. 

Your lint trap may accumulate lint in the dryer vent.  Some of the lint can be seen but much of the buildup goes unseen in areas inside the walls of your home.  This could become a potential fire hazard in your home.  We recommend that you have your vents cleaned at least once a year.  To learn more, call us today (708) 441-4580

Household Appliance Repair Services in Park Forest, Illinois!

Modern appliances are not a simple affair by any stretch of imagination. These complicated machines offer some amazingly unique capabilities thanks to complex electronic components that require professional servicing.

You need to call for our skilled service professionals who can solve all your appliance issues.

Our expert technicians and repairmen are experts at advanced appliance repair, providing comprehensive household electrical appliance service Park Forest.

Offering affordable and reliable appliance repair solutions, we deliver our services with pride and ensure your complete peace of mind. Call us now for local appliance repair services for all household appliances, of any brand.

The words ‘reliable’ and ‘efficient’ are synonymous with our services. You don’t need to get rid of an appliance because it’s stopped working. Our licensed and experienced technicians provide thorough appliance repairs!

Whether it’s heating, air conditioning or washing machine repairs, we are one of the best in Frankfort! Just give us a call!


Trinity Heating Cooling and Appliance consistently strive to keep our technicians knowledgeable with the current advancements in technology. We have an outstanding record of accurately diagnosing your cooling and major appliance symptoms the first time and plan to always maintain that integrity in our work."  We repair all Major brand appliance.  Download your coupon now.